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Self-Storage in Wisconsin

If you’re a Wisconsin resident looking for self-storage solutions but have some questions you’d like addressed before moving forward, you’ve come to the right place! The team at All U-Store Mini Storage has taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our services. Keep reading to learn more!

When is rent due?

All rent and additional charges are set to be due and payable in advance on the first day of each month.

What if I’m unable to pay my rent?

All U-Store Mini Storage’s procedure for delinquent rentals is as follows:

  • If we do not receive your payment by the first of each month, your rent will become delinquent. You will have until the 7th of each month to pay the rent in full. If you fail to make the payment within this grace period, a default will occur.
  • If you are a customer with delinquent rent, you will be “Red Locked” or “Overlocked” until your payment is addressed in full. If we are forced to take this measure, you will be charged $7 per month.
  • If delinquencies are not adequately addressed, a “1st Notice” will be issued by our company. It and other costs ($25) must be paid in full within 5 days of receiving the Notice otherwise further action will be taken. You will be charged an additional $25 for each notice issuance we have to send you.
  • If the “1st Notice” is not satisfied, you will be issued a “Final Notice”. At the end of the term of the Notice, U-Store will either sell contents or dispose of the contents held in storage to satisfy lien status.
Will I need to put down a deposit?

Yes, a security deposit will need to be paid upfront. You will receive the deposit back if your self-storage unit is left in broom clean condition, and all items are removed. Charges for damage to the premises will be based on the extent of damages done. Additionally, deposits may not be used as rent.

Are there things I can’t store in your self- storage units?

Storage of certain items, such as corrosive or flammable items (nitrates, gasoline, cleaning fluids, acids, thinners, and other volatile liquids) can only be stored in our self-storage units with our permission. Storage of butane and propane type gas cylinders (unless in limited amounts in conjunction with stored vehicles) is strictly prohibited.

Food of any kind should never be stored in your self-storage unit under any condition, no exceptions, if found said food will be removed immediately.

So, I can store my vehicle in your self-storage units?

We do allow our customers to store their vehicles in our storage units. However, we do ask that all cars or items that would cause oil or grease to leak onto the floors have a protective layer of plywood or cardboard under them to prevent staining. Any staining may result in the denial of your security deposit.

Can I live in my self-storage unit?

No. Living in a self-storage unit is neither safe nor legal.

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